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The simplest and best care you could ever gift your dog is exercise.

K9's Best Dog Walking Service helps fulfill your dog's mental and physical

needs while exploring the sights, smells, and sounds of the world. 

Benefits of Hiring K9's Best to Walk Your Dog

Many health benefits such as lower blood pressure, strengthens muscles and bones, and improves cardiovascular fitness.

They learn polite manners, and acceptable ways of socially interacting with new animals or new people. 

Boosts their self-confidence and stimulate sights, scents, and hearing senses.

It's an opportunity dog behavioral training. Curving good practices on leash walking and obedience.

Reducing any hyperactivity, boredom, destructive behavior, anxiety, fear, aggression and other type of behavioral issues.

Enhances their psychological well-being. Walks removes excess energy in your dog, resulting in calmer behavior at overall. Because a tired dog, is happy dog!

How this benefits you...

Peace of mind

Tired Dog = Happy Dog

Happy and Healthy Dogs = Happy Parents!


Maintains consistent routines

Why Choose Us?

Trusted by owners and families around Edmonton and surrounding areas, we offer quality dog walking service boosting your dog's happiness. Get the best value at a low cost! 

We are...



& Insured.

Pet First Aid

We have policy and process in placed for all dogs in our care in case of an emergency. We are trained in pet first aid and we follow protocols in dealing with illness or injury.

We Save You Time!

Your time is most valued when you never have to live with unwanted behavioral issues. K9's Best provides structured dog walks keeping your dog fulfilled. So you spend more time on quality moments instead.

All-Season Walks

Rain or shine. Snow or mud. We are out walking your dog and enjoying all seasons of the year! 

"Re-pawt" Card

You will never feel far from your pup again. Our post-walk journals will give all the scoops of the fun day your dog had with us! Enjoy the stories, pics, videos, and the peace of mind! 

We Save You Money!

Dog walking is a great investment! Not only that your money is put to good use, you can save a lot more! We can help you save money by preventing to spend to replace the couch, rug, shoes, from unexpected vet bills because Fido ate something he shouldn’t have, or for hiring a lawyer to deal with lawsuits. The investment is long term, for his/her health and happiness. Because your dog is worth it!

Safety, Security, and Satisfaction

All dogs in our care go through thorough behavioral evaluation ensuring everyone's safety. A trial period is conducted for your peace of mind matching a suitable solution for you and your dog.

Book a consultation and give your dog their daily exercise.


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