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Many dogs owners and families trust K9's Best to help improve their relationship.

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I met Riza by pure luck one day, while I had been searching and on wait lists for my high energy puppy Buddha to get into a doggy daycare. I used her services for dog walking and then boarding. Riza is an amazing and caring person who I completely trust and knew my pup was in good hands the whole time we were gone. I highly recommend K9's Best to anyone looking for someone that will go above and beyond for their dog's needs. 

Crystal D.

This experience has been life-changing! We now have a calmer household, and a relationship with our dogs that show respect and trust.

Anna and Jason C.

Connecting with Riza has felt like winning the lottery to our Family! We did not worry about leaving our dog and going on vacation, in fact we looked forward to Kaya being in her care! Riza feels like Family already to us because she loves our dog like she's one of her own!

Cherie Laplante

If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, don't wait until there are behaviour issues. Riza came right as we brought our puppies home. She helped us introduce the puppies to Wrangler in the proper way so there was no jealousy issues and showed us how to "speak dog" to understand why our canine family was doing certain things. By making a small investment at the beginning we feel we are getting off on the right paw to avoid issues later on.

Anne H.

Riza was amazing with our dogs! She provided valuable peace of mind that they were well loved while we were on vacation. Daily updates and pictures were wonderful and our pups got to spend time and learn from an expert. Would definitely recommend her, and will use K9sBest in the future!​

Kim W. 

​Based on our first consultation, Riza was able to get Charlie on the stairs and coached us on how we could help him through his fear of stairs. Within a week, Charlie was doing stairs independently without any hesitation! Not only did we learn what to do but why and how to work with Charlie. Very patient and knowledgeable!!

Myann and Kevin T.

... I can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking them out and working with them. Gives us such piece of mind :)

Gord G.

. .. Took him to the office yesterday and he was really good. Walks are getting better! Thanks again for taking care of Pocky!

Kevin C. with Pocky

Riza is a great professional and has a sincere attitude. I would say any dog and family can be happy with her.​


​Bella was scared of her shadow when we began our mutual training (the human's training is more important than the dog's), but she quickly gained confidence and equally quickly started to behave on leash, around other people and around other dogs. She's a different dog now, and I'm grateful for the guidance that I received to help bring her out of her shell.