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Learning dog tricks is another creative way to stimulate your dog’s body and mind. It’s engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding for everyone involve! The trick becomes the reward itself and you can incorporate this to other exercises extending the fun and creating a stronger bond with your dog while reinforcing good behavior.


With our trick training program, you build your connection with your dog when establishing a specific cue for each of the tricks you teach. You will learn about cues/signals, stimulus control, timing control, and how to break the lessons down into small steps. 


This is a great chance to gain better understanding of your dog and how they learn while having loads of fun together!

  • High five, paw, shake a paw

  • Spin

  • Touch 

  • Roll Over

  • Play dead

  • Sit pretty

  • Back

  • Search, fine it

  • Back

  • Catch

  • Crawl

  • ...and much more!!!

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